One of my new year’s resolutions this year was to explore Vienna a bit more – get to know some different parts of the city.
Yesterday a friend and I decided to go for a little walk in Schönbrunn Palace.
(Google it if you don´t know what it is. I am not going to bore you with a history lesson here.)
Although we didn´t stay long (because we underestimated the cold a bit and couldn´t feel our hands the minute we arrived) I managed to capture some of the beautiful winter day.

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The old ruin

As you know I love exploring nature with my camera and so do some of my friends.
Because we haven´t done it in a while, we went on a little Instagrammission.
We picked a train and just got off when we felt like it.
This time we went to “Scharnstein”, which is about an hour away from my place (a little bit longer when you are going by train like us).
In Scharnstein there is an old ruin up on the mountain. We decided (not knowing that it is going to be that kind of a workout) to hike up there.
After about 1000 stairs we finally arrived up there.

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As you all know I finished school and will start Uni in autumn and for that I am going to move to Vienna.

I am really excited, but it´s a little bit terrifying as well.
I have been on my own for 3 weeks last year and it was actually pretty cool.
But being totally on your own can be a challenge. The good thing is that some friends of mine also go to Vienna, so I am not totally alone in the beginning.

Instead of writing a little bit here and there I decided to write 1 blog post about my move to Vienna (well it´s only the first part, but it´s very long already):
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